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Photos by Robert Bellamy for LURVE Magazine.



Most dorm rooms aren’t exactly the most spacious places to be. And if you’re doing stupidly huge amounts of work, you might want to be in a clutter-free environment to let your head be clear. So here I have some clutter-freeing, space saving ideas for you! Bullet points are in the order of the photos, left to right, top to bottom.

  • Use patterned paper to personally decorate some drab, white storage boxes. You can get patterned paper from general craft stores or you could even try wrapping paper since it comes in bulk!
  • Use old cereal boxes to make draw organisers to sort out your stationary or files.
  • You can recycle your old tins to make them more stationary holders for your desk and decorate them accordingly!
  • You can attach binder clips to the end of your desk to organise wires and chargers, simple and easily done on a budget.
  • Use a shower caddy, which can usually be found for less than £10 (so it’s money well spent), to organise your school books!
  • After you’ve finished your Pepsi or any other canned drink, attach the tap on to your clothes hanger to make use of small cupboard spaces!
  • Use decorative paper to give colour to bland storage boxes.
  • Buy a magnetic strip to gather up all your hair clips, you could even tuck it away by hiding it in a bathroom cabinet.